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Precaution against stainless steel fasteners locking and solutions

1. When you are using stainless steel, always at a fixed speed to lock nuts?
If this is the initial use or users not familiar with stainless steel products, you should consult your supplier about the relevant characteristics of the stainless steel. In General, slow down lock would substantially reduce (or even completely avoid) the opportunity to lock. Because heat often happen when locked, so as the heat increases, will also increase the chance of locking. When in use, lock Stainless steel fasteners lock the rate should be lower than the rate of carbon steel.
2. in front of the locked first lubricating a screw or nut?
If the answer is "no", recommends using butter, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, mica, talcum powder or to lubricate the teeth inside and outside lines, to reduce the lock. Deduction stop (Coating) is also an effective means of lubrication, processed by the button stop nuts, as in one more layer of lubrication film between the nut and screw.
3. selection of screws and nuts of the same material?
If the answer is Yes, it could be recommended for use with different levels of screws, nuts, such as 304 with 316 and so on. But note that the use of stainless steel grades to meet their demand for rust and corrosion.