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Sealing bolt classification tips

Traditional type on pulled check water bolt, this paragraph check water bolt is most original of check water bolt, it of most not convenient of place is we in completed engineering zhihou, no approach will on pulled bolt to emission to, outside bare in wall body sides of screw Rod through template, so this also increased has template of demolition difficulty, for template of dosage aspects is in somewhat waste of phenomenon. If we want to remove the exposed section, which requires us to cut by machine, in the construction process is not easy.
Harness cord to pull the water stop bolt, named after the screw through the screw, and the traditional gaps in access to the sealing bolt bolt also has the same problem. However, because the screw thread steel surface, under the same stress, stronger bite force, the amplitude of vibration reduction of steel bars. Another aspect of its waterproof sealing bolts better than before, but need to pay high processing costs.
New three-section on sealing bolt, this is one of the best waterproof properties, outside the bar with revolving screw. Compared with other bolts, its main advantage is the middle of the selected material in the water very well, can do the effect of leak, and again when it is in use, so you can reduce the cost of construction. Final benefit is that it is a new type of energy-saving water in the wall can reflect the concept of environmental protection and energy saving.