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Several common fastener products

1. washers
Washer is an oval ring fastener, usually mounted on the bolt, screw or nut support surface and the connection between the parts of the surface, you can increase the contact area of the connected parts, reduce the pressure within a certain area, connection parts do not appear damaged; there is also a spring washers can also prevent loosening of nuts from happening.
2. there is a fastener is called "sales"
This fastening is generally used to locate parts, sometimes it can also be connected to fixed, another part can be used to transmit power or locking fasteners.
3. components and connections
Assembly this fastener combination is used to supply, for example, can be combined using a machine screw and plain washer assemblies; connections with this fastener is love you with a special bolt, nut and gaskets are used in combination, such as high strength steel structures of hexagonal head bolts.
4. rivets
The fastener head and screw the two parts two through-hole parts connected fastening the role of them as a whole. This connection is referred to as rivet connections, sometimes called riveted. This connection is not allowed to remove, because you want to separate the two parts, be sure to rivet parts to destroy.
5. studs
There is a fastener called studs, it is due to the screw and nail head, welding method fixed it in another part of the above, and connect them together.